Fordham, Georgia Tech fall prey to storm

On Sunday night, NBC's football personalities -- not to mention football fans the world over -- were miffed by the massive snowstorm currently blanketing the East Coast with snow. Because of potential travel safety issues in Philadelphia, the Vikings-Eagles Sunday night matchup was postponed until Tuesday when, presumably, half the world won't be covered in 20 inches of fresh powder. No football on Sunday night? Travesty!

Alas, football wasn't the only sport brought low by Mother Nature's white fury. Thanks to the storm, a college basketball game in Atlanta was canceled. Not postponed. Not rescheduled. Canceled forever.

OK, so Fordham vs. Georgia Tech wasn't going to be the biggest game of the week. You're reading a college hoops blog right now, and it's entirely possible you didn't know -- and more importantly, didn't care -- that the 6-4 Rams were set to take on the 6-5 Yellow Jackets in Atlanta Monday night. But they were, until the storm to end all storms made it impossible for Fordham to leave the New York area Sunday night. Fordham's flight was among the 1,400 or so canceled by the New York City metropolitan area's three major airports Sunday.

The quirky thing about this postponement -- beyond the fact that a college basketball game set to be played indoors in Georgia was canceled due to inclement weather -- is the fact that there's no plan to make up the game, like, ever. Instead, according to the AP:

Georgia Tech says fans with single-game tickets can exchange them for a game against Mercer or Charlotte next weekend. Season-ticket holders will be credited $20 toward their accounts next season.

And now the college hoops season has a hole. It's a small hole, sure. But if the Butterfly Effect is true -- and I'm not one to doubt Ashton Kutcher movies; are you? -- then this cancellation could spawn untold changes on the rest of the college hoops season as we know it. If Jim Boeheim grows a beard and starts writing emotive poetry on the sidelines, or NJIT makes it to the Final Four, or Kentucky fans start rooting for Rick Pitino, well, you'll know why.