Josh Selby gets his first start Wednesday

To many, the inevitable is happening.

Kansas freshman Josh Selby, who's stepped right in following an NCAA suspension and averaged 19.5 points in two games off the bench, was destined to crack the lineup on an undefeated team.

Coach Bill Self indicated Selby's impending start in the moments after last week's win at Cal, and the decision ended up becoming a necessity when Tyshawn Taylor missed five practices due to travel issues getting out of New York.

But it's not as if Selby hasn't had to deal with the freshman learning curve, even if it's not always evident when he's busy showing off his shooting stroke and breathtaking drives to the basket.

"What I see him doing great and what you guys see him doing may not be on the same page," Self told reporters Tuesday. "I think he is picking up stuff all the time. He's really trying hard, but the trying hard shouldn’t just occur since Dec. 18th [Selby's first game eligible]. It should go back to the first day he was cleared to play."

Selby might make things look easy, but don't be fooled. It's taken maturity for him to adjust to playing on the wing, and he concedes there's work to be done on the defensive end.

His first start tonight against Texas-Arlington will simply serve to showcase all the progress he's made.

"My teammates have made it a lot easier on me, putting me in the right positions to score, telling me where to be," Selby told reporters. "I give all the credit to my teammates and coaches [for] helping me out.

"It doesn't really matter to me who starts. It matters how we finish."