Coach clarifies position on UConn women

Centenary coach Adam Walsh is a good sport.

Recently, he told ESPN.com's Gene Wojciechowski that his team, which is transitioning out of Division I and has four scholarship players, would have a tough time in a dream scenario game against the UConn women. He laughed about the possibility and admitted UConn star Maya Moore could play for his team.

UConn subsequently losing at Stanford and seeing its 90-game winning streak halted showed that the Huskies weren't invincible in the women's game and provided proof for many that they wouldn't stand a chance against a Division I men's team.

Walsh won't go that far of course, and in a follow-up interview with the Argus Leader, he does indicate some more that yes, the Centenary men would probably do such fine in such a game.

I said what I thought, that a scholarship men’s team would never have a problem. I’m not saying and I never said we would not beat them.

Q. What sort of reaction have you received since then?

A. None because (UConn) lost that night -- the night the article came out, they lost. What can people say? They got beat by another women’s team. It took the attention off the article.