Rating the conferences: 1 to 32

Here are this week’s ESPN Stats and Information conference ratings. For a recap of how we rank the conferences check here and here.

The Big East retains the conference ranking lead, one week after it took over the No. 1 spot from the Big Ten. The Big East has six schools inside the AP and coaches top 15 with only one of its 16 members (DePaul) having a computer ranking average below 150.

The Big 12 is struggling to keep up with the top two because of its weak bottom half. Six of its 12 schools (50 percent) have computer ranking averages below 65. The Big East (38 percent) and the Big Ten (25 percent) have much fewer schools weighing them down.

The ACC has Duke … and that’s about it. In what can only be described as a statistical anomaly, Boston College is the only school in the country to defeat a school from each of the traditional power six conferences. Unfortunately for the Eagles and the ACC, they have also lost to two Ivy League squads.

Without further ado, here are the ratings:

ESPN Stats and Information Conference Ratings