ISU fans not pleased with Staiger

From Cyclones fan blog Clone Chronicles:

He threatened to leave last year in the offseason, and decides to bail midseason this year. The team was down to 8 scholarship players heading into the game tomorrow, and now they are down to 7. Way to overshadow the team the eve before the biggest game of the year, by bailing out on the squad.

Honestly, the guy is the opposite of everything a team stands for. ISU fans like to talk about Wesley Johnson, but at least Wes didn't bail midseason. What happened here is far worse.

I feel ISU fans' pain -- the scholarship thing is bad, to be sure, and leaving in the middle of the season is as uncool a move as any a teammate can make. (Last year, not one but two of my rec league basketball teammates skipped our semifinal game to hang out with their girlfriends. They didn't answer their cell phones and ignored furious text messages as we were forced to play a much better team with zero subs. Lucca Staiger is officially that guy.)

However, if I may briefly play devil's Keanu Reeves (Worst. Casting. Ever.), you have to sort of see where Lucca is coming from, no? Staiger wants to play professional basketball. He came to America to do just that. It's become obvious to him that that's not going to happen for him in the U.S., so he's taking the opportunity now, as poorly timed as that opportunity might be. It's not completely mystifying, you know?

OK, OK, I said I was playing devil's advocate. Those lucky enough to be taught this lesson in childhood -- that you don't quit on your teammates, no matter what -- will be repelled by Staiger's decision. Rightfully so, I guess.