John Calipari wants to be family-friendly

Kentucky coach John Calipari said on his lexy.com audiocast that it was his wife who called him out on his profanity-laced tirade toward Terrence Jones.

"I knew I had an issue when my wife called me right after the game and said, 'They could read your lips ... You got a 14-year-old son. Are you crazy?'

"And I said, 'Well, I did step over the line,' and I apologized. I apologize to anybody who's been offended. Anybody that walks in my practices and is around knows that's not how I coach."

Meanwhile, one of Jones' own family members was apparently OK with the freshman being cursed, as his aunt told the Lexington Herald-Leader she apparently believes Calipari treated his teammates the same way.

"I don't have any worries about it," said Ava Mashia, Jones' aunt. "Terrence can take it."

Her nephew came to Kentucky to be pushed, she said. Calipari cursing is part of getting pushed.

"(Jones) sees him as a person who's trying to help him," Mashia said. "That's (Calipari's) method. That's the way he talks to everybody on the team."

For Jones himself, he compared the situation to a parent hurting a child's feelings and then apologizing.

"I'm happy and blessed for playing for cal don't think otherwise," Jones tweeted.