Rating the conferences: From 1 to 32

Here are this week’s ESPN Stats and Information conference rankings. For a recap of how we rank conferences check here and here.

For the first time this season the Big East and Big Ten are tied in computer rankings. Thankfully our system breaks ties via the human polls -- where the Big East holds the advantage. Despite being penalized for having so many members, the Big East still puts a larger percentage of its teams inside the top 25 of the human polls. Seven Big East schools are in the top 17 of the AP poll this week.

The Big 12 is inching closer to the top two conferences thanks to a strong mid-season push by Texas and strong depth at the bottom of its conference. The Big 12’s worst school (Texas Tech) has an average computer ranking of 139.8, the best of any conference’s worst team.

While the Big East and Big Ten are tied in computers, the SEC and Pac-10 are tied overall. Auburn is holding back the SEC. National champions in football and the worst-rated major-conference team in basketball. The Pac-10 is a little more balanced but still does not have a school in the human or computer top 15.

Without further ado, here are the rankings: