Unofficial Big Ten logos vast improvements

Conference realignment forced the Big Ten to reconsider its brand. No surprise there. Starting this fall, the Big Ten is a 12-team league with two divisions; failing a total overhaul (i.e., a full-on name change), the conference needed some sort of revamp.

In December the Big Ten eventually settled on this rather nondescript logo. Meh. It also named its two divisions "Legends" and "Leaders," which is totally silly but not something we need to dwell on, because you know it's silly, I know it's silly, and pretty much everyone who's heard the names think they're silly, so let's not pile on.

Instead, this post is just to let you know that the results of this unofficial Big Ten logo design contest -- at something called Mycroburst.com -- are almost universally better than the Big Ten's current logo. My personal favorite is Logo No. 3, by designer "Tensix." It's strong and bold with just a hint of gravitas, and it cleverly works in a subtle design element that informs you the Big Ten does in fact have 12 teams. It's pretty brilliant.

For frequent readers who may be wondering, Mycroburt's unofficial contest is separate from the one I highlighted back in December. That one is ConferenceLogo.com's contest (which I mistakenly thought was affiliated with the Big Ten at first; like Mycroburst, it is not). The winning entry in Conference Logo's contest is actually pretty spiffy, too. Frankly, they're all good.

Now, if only the Big Ten had a similar contest. Crowdsource this stuff, guys! For one, you'll save gobs in your marketing budget. Two, you could probably have come up with something a lot less lame than "Legends" and "Leaders." (I'm not piling on! I'm helping!) Like, say, "East" versus "West." Or "Purple Parrots" versus "Blue Barracudas." Those are golden nuggets of gold, and those are just off the top of my head! We can build on this. Have your people call my people, Big Ten. Let's hash this out.

(HT: Mr. Jeff Eisenberg)