Jimmer Mania reaches new musical heights

This is Jimmer Fredette's season. We've established as much already. In the course of 24 games, Fredette has gone from a talented player little-known outside hard-core hoops circles to a full-on sports celebrity and folk hero. BYU fans clamor for his autograph and "No. 32" T-shirts. Hoops heads watch every Fredette possession with a "what will he do this time?" intensity typically reserved for LeBron James and Blake Griffin. Kevin Durant called him the best scorer in the country. One time, I wrote a poem about him and read it live on a podcast. True story.

But in case you needed a reminder that BYU's sharpshooting, entertaining, uber-efficient player of the year favorite is inspiring unprecedented levels of enthusiasm, well, I've got a video to show you.

Courtesy of Salt Lake City's NBC affiliate KSL TV comes this musical tribute -- click that link to watch the video -- which is quite possibly the single greatest college hoops musical tribute video ever recorded. Seriously. When a group calling themselves the "Jimmer Jammers" can effectively appropriate Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive" into a ballad about a BYU basketball player, and can include former BYU football coach and local legend LaVell Edwards into the production, you know you've got a winner on your hands. (Shawn Bradley, too!)

Yes, Edwards is in the mix. As are the customary Jimmer highlights. In fact, here's a free tip for anyone looking to successfully go viral on YouTube this spring. No matter what the content of your video -- whether you're delivering a warmed-over political rant, warning friends to hide their kids, wives and husbands, or geeking out in your sweet Darth Vader costume -- if you throw some Jimmer highlights over the reel, I'm 95 percent more likely to make it to the end of your video. First rule of showbiz: Give the people what they want.

(Big hat-tip to reader Brigham Udall -- if that is your real name -- for the mailbag tip. To send your tips and links to blog, e-mail here or hit me up on Twitter/Facebook.)