Kevin Coble keeping himself busy

Injured Northwestern star Kevin Coble isn't doing what I'd be doing if I was rendered immobile by a Lisfranc fracture (and the subsequent reconstructive surgery) in my left foot: attempting to beat Modern Warfare 2 on "hardened" without ever dying. Rather, Coble is doing what highly motivated athletes do. He's challenging himself. Fortunately, there's video of these challenges.

That was shot by Daily Herald reporter Lindsay Willhite before Northwestern's practice on Thursday, and yes, the video is real. After that, Coble "stood just in front of the scorer’s table at halfcourt and needed about 10 tries to hit a one-hop bouncer from 50 feet away. Then he spent more time trying to pass a few other crazy tests (half-court underhanded and a 40-footer while seated on the scorer’s table)."

Coble told Willhite one of the main positives to his injury is the ability to lift weights and get stronger when he is still relatively sedentary and can add weight. Practical, but I'd say one of the main positives is entertaining me with trick shots. Or developing an unstoppable 60-foot range which could revolutionize the game of basketball forever. Different strokes, I guess.