San Diego State wasn't trying to rub it in

Utah coach Jim Boylen called a timeout last night with 1.2 seconds left in the game. The Utes trailed at San Diego State by 32.

Aztecs coach Steve Fisher said after the game he did not receive an explanation from Boylen after the game, but did get a question.

"Jim Boylen said to me after the game, 'Why did you shoot the ball?,'" Fisher said. "And I said, 'Jim, there was a two-second difference between the shot clock and the game clock. Did you want me to take a violation?'

“We weren’t trying to rub it in. And he came back later and said, 'If I was wrong, I apologize.' I don't know if that’s why he took it or not. He might have been wanting to work on a last-second situation at the end. I don't know."

Boylen told reporters after the game that he called the timeout because it was "a teachable moment." He also told the Salt Lake Tribune, "We looked a little scared." So all in all, it was a rough night to be at Viejas Arena for the Utes.

And while Fisher and his team might not have been trying to rub it in, it was a different story when it came to the Aztec fans, according to the Deseret News.

A rowdy SDSU student section, sitting just left of the Utah bench, chanted "show no mercy" early in the game. As things progressed, they began yelling "Boylen's fired." They later pointed at the Utah players and screamed "you should transfer" in unison.