UNC chancellor sorry for shot at K-ville

North Carolina chancellor Holden Thorp was attending a digital town hall discussion hosted by The Atlantic called "Finding Work, Finding Our Way: Building the Economy & Jobs of the Future" when he got a little carried away and tweeted this as a shot at Duke students readying for Wednesday's basketball game between the two schools:

"Our students are talking about the future and asking smart questions instead of wasting time sitting in a tent. #USFutureEconomy"

Since then, Thorp has apologized on Twitter for his jab at Krzyzewskiville and the students camping out there who probably disagree that waiting around for the Duke-North Carolina game constitutes a waste of time.

But without completely letting Throp off the hook, Duke president Richard Brodhead e-mailed in this sarcastic response to The News & Observer.

"Hey Holden, someone hacked your Twitter account to talk trash. May the best team win. From the land of TRUE Blue, Dick. "

So yes, academics on both sides of the rivalry have now fired off their strongly-worded statements. And earlier, Roy Williams relented and managed to laugh at a reporter's devil joke. We get it.

Now let the game begin, and resist any more snarky comebacks, you two.