Staggered tourney times? Best news ever

Just when you thought the NCAA tournament couldn't possibly get more awesome.

OK, so the tourney has its flaws. Sixty-eight teams. (Meh.) Games on TruTV. (Wha?) The inability to clone Gus Johnson and send him to every broadcast location simultaneously. (Waitin' on you, science.) And, yes, non-staggered start times.

You know how it goes. Each block of games on that magical Thursday and Friday of the tourney's first weekend starts at around the same time, which more often than not means the games end at the same time, which makes tracking every possible minute detail of every game -- especially under a minute in buzzer-beater territory -- pretty difficult. This like complaining that the cherry on top of your delicious hot fudge sundae isn't quite fresh enough, but, still, it's a complaint.

No more. According to a report by the Associated Press today, the NCAA tournament's new television contract -- which includes games on CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV, as mentioned above -- "will allow for more staggered starts of games, so all of those buzzer-beaters aren't happening at the same time." Not only will we have the option of watching every single NCAA tournament game whenever we want this year, staggered start times will make that task about 5,000 times easier and more enjoyable.

In fact, there's no reason an enterprising fan couldn't see every possible buzzer-beater of the entire NCAA tournament as it happens live. That project is now eminently feasible. In other words, you better start manufacturing awesome day-off excuses now. You've got the entire NCAA tournament to watch, and you can't be wasting that time on things like work.