SoCon Game postponed due to ... flu?

Given the frequent and calamitous snowfall across the country this winter, it's no surprise we've seen a smattering of postponed games. We've also seen at least one game canceled outright. (Here's looking at you, nonexistent Fairfield-Florida matchup. We barely knew ye.)

What we haven't had is a postponement due to influenza. That is, until Thursday. According to a release from the Southern Conference, Thursday night's scheduled game between Chattanooga and Western Carolina has been postponed until Friday thanks to an outbreak of the flu in the Chattanooga ranks. Four players went under a 48-hour quarantine for the illness, which would have left UTC with a mere five players available for the game. Yikes.

Instead, the two schools worked with their conference to come to an amenable solution. They originally rescheduled the game for Feb. 14, but that date would have forced Western Carolina to finish its season with five games in nine days, and that's not exactly the best way to gear up for a big SoCon tourney run. Instead, the game will be played Friday night at 7 p.m.

Both teams have Saturday games on the schedule, and both were pushed back to "provide more recovery time for the participants." That's an awfully quick turnaround, especially when four of your players are recovering from the flu, but hey, it beats playing in surgical masks. That's not a good look.