No spitting in the court storm, please

Oh, to be in Madison on Saturday.

Wisconsin's win against as-yet-undefeated No. 1 Ohio State no doubt set the city -- perhaps the best college town in America -- off. State Street, Madison's bustling avenue of bars, shops, restaurants, bars, and more bars, was, as the kids say, "poppin' off." I wasn't there, but I can guarantee this was the case. I saw that court storm. Those kids were ready to party.

Maybe the court storm itself was a little questionable -- Wisconsin was barely an underdog Saturday; it's not like this was a particularly surprising outcome -- but arguing the parameters for court-storming is incredibly passé, so I'll pass. No, I'm more interested in what happened during that court storm, in which Ohio State star forward Jared Sullinger was (allegedly) the recipient of some hostile saliva, according to his tweets after the game:

"#BuckeyeNation if you ever decide to rush the court. Don't ever spit on the opponents. Just a lil tip from me to you."

"To be spit on is just nasty. On top of that in my Face. Before and after the game. Smh. I just kept walking. More fuel to the fire."

There isn't any video of Sullinger's claim, so it's possible the spit was incidental -- even accidental; maybe Sully wandered into a magic loogie -- but the big fella isn't exactly known for making false claims about opposing fan bases. In fact, he's been better than most players at cheerfully interacting with other teams' fans. Last week, Sullinger even tweeted with a Minnesota fan so he could get a funny sign that fan had made and give it to his mom.

In other words, I believe big Sully. And that means a wag of the finger to whoever decided that spitting on an opponent was the proper thing to do during a court storm. Come on, Badgers fans. Not cool. And no, it's not fair to judge an entire fan base because a couple of idiots got liberal with the saliva. But all it takes is one bad egg -- one rogue loogie -- to ruin everyone's reputation.