Rating the conferences: From 1 to 32

Here are this week’s Stats and Information conference power ratings. For a recap of how we rank conferences check here and here.

There was very little change this week between the conferences. Xavier defeated Georgia in arguably the sexiest OOC matchup, but it wasn’t enough for the A-10 to jump Conference USA. The SEC did fall farther behind the Pac-10.

The story is still at the top, where the Big Ten inched closer to the Big East. The Big East continues to have seven of its 16 members (44 percent) in the top 25 of the AP poll, while the Big Ten only has three of its 11 (27 percent) in the same group.

However, the Big Ten makes up for its lack of elite schools with depth at the bottom. The bottom eight in the Big East -- or the bottom 50 percent -- has an average computer ranking of 89.3. On the other hand, the bottom six in the Big Ten -- or roughly the bottom 50 percent -- has an average computer ranking of 78.6. Even if you make it the worst five in the Big Ten, its average computer rankings is 84.9, still better than the Big East.

DePaul is the major reason the Big East is weak at the bottom. The Blue Demons are 0-12 in conference play and currently have the third-worst average computer ranking among the power-six conferences. Iowa, the Big Ten’s worst team, has the best average computer ranking of any conference-low school in the nation.

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