College of Charleston fans storm court after win over ... Wofford?

Huh? That's the likely immediate reaction you'll have when you see Kyle Whelliston's screenshot from last night's College of Charleston-Wofford game, wherein Charleston students are mobbing each other on the court after a home win over a 13-8 Southern Conference rival. What on Earth is going on here?

Matt Norlander thinks he has an answer:

This could be sarcasm at its finest; a tongue-in-cheek shot at the big-six schools, if you will. Could Charleston's sharp, witty young minds be poking fun and pointing at the Indianas and UCLAs, which recently had their student sections spill out onto the maple after defeating Minnesota and Washington, respectively.

Rushing the floor/storming the court/no one can agree on what to call the damn action/ has reached its nadir in 2010. It took a grand statement to put everyone on notice. College of Charleston has done it. A transcendent court-storm, and that's the best kind.

I love this explanation, and if it is even remotely true -- Charleston students, get at me! -- then I have gained a level of respect for the College of Charleston (nay, the city of Charleston; nay, the state of South Carolina!) that I never thought I'd have. If the collective sense of irony is this high on campus in Charleston, I want to move there immediately.

If not, then this is inexplicable, and I'm just going to choose to believe Matt's theory. Otherwise I'm just ... confused.