Rating the conferences: From 1 to 32

Utah State’s win in the signature BracketBusters matchup moves the WAC up two spots in this week’s Stats and Information conference rankings. The Aggies’ road defeat of Saint Mary’s gives the WAC frontrunners a much-needed quality OOC win, but more importantly for our sake, puts the WAC ahead of the Missouri Valley and the West Coast Conference.

The MVC left BracketBusters weekend in shambles, going 0-3 in televised games and 3-7 overall. The historically strong mid-major conference is now devoid of a team with an average computer ranking better than 50.

At the top, the Big East maintains its narrow lead, with the Big Ten right on its heels. The Big 12 is safely in 3rd and the ACC is safely in 4th.

Arizona’s rise up the polls has helped the Pac-10 close the gap considerably between it and the Mountain West for fifth. If the Wildcats can continue their ascension, expect the Pac-10 to overtake the MWC in the coming weeks.

Here are the full results for all 32 conferences. For a recap of how we rank conferences, check here and here.

Stats and Info Conference Power Rankings