Tom Izzo helps motorist stuck in the snow

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo has seen his team go from a national title hopeful to a 15--11 squad still trying to make its case to go to the NCAA tournament.

But even as things have been difficult this season, Izzo still took the time this morning on his drive to work to do his good deed of the day and help a woman whose car was stuck in her driveway.

From Fox Sports Detroit:

He told reporters at his weekly news conference that he started to drive by before thinking, "God, I've got to be a better human being."

So Izzo, who grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, stopped and helped push the car out of the snow.

It took a few minutes -- Izzo had to tell the woman to take the car out of neutral to help the cause -- but the random act of kindness was completed.

Back in the offseason when he was mulling over the Cleveland Cavaliers job, fans went and placed "We Love Izzo" signs strategically along his drive to work in order to express their feelings toward him. So in a way, Izzo was able to pay back the community with this act of kindness.

From the Detroit News:

"She said, 'Thanks, coach,'" Izzo said. "That was probably the first good thing I've done in a month. How about that? A good deed before 8 o'clock in the morning."