Steve Fisher: You stay classy, San Diego

Think San Diego State fans are ready for the game against BYU to get going?

The student section, as profiled today by ESPN.com's Dana O'Neil, chanted as early as the middle of last week "We want Jimmer" and is calling Saturday "Judgment Day." The Show, as the student section is called, is certain to make itself heard again on national television with Jimmer Fredette paying them a visit at Viejas Arena.

But after San Diego State fans drew fire for chanting "You're still Mormon" last year during a loss to BYU, Aztecs coach Steve Fisher is taking precautionary measures this year and telling the students to keep it classy, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In a letter e-mailed to students, Fisher wrote in part, "We know that the energy and enthusiasm brought by The Show is what makes Viejas Arena one of the toughest home courts in the country. It is important to remember that when you are in the student section, you represent something greater than yourself. You represent San Diego State.

"... We cannot cross the line into topics that are out of bounds and distasteful, particularly making fun of one’s religion."

Trying to mess with Fredette comes with risks, of course, especially when the potential national player of the year has shown the ability to silence the crowd on the road with a big game.

He was the focus of attention at San Diego State last season and responded to the recent "We want Jimmer" chant by telling Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune, "They are trying to do a lot of different stuff ... to try to get into my head."

Will the students listen to Fisher and decline to cross the line? Probably not all of them.

But Fredette might be able to provide the best answer to any taunts he and his team get with one of these: