American University joins trick shot fray

The trick shot YouTube video has taken on a life, and a genre, all its own. We've seen takes (and makes) everyone from Duke forward Kyle Singler to some bros who call themselves Dude Perfect and insist their shots are real even as they launch them from the undersides of airplanes.

We've even seen football trick shots, like these from Connecticut quarterback Johnny McEntee, that rival anything you can do on a basketball court (and McEntee goes there, too).

The latest trick vid worth your attention comes from an unlikely place: American University. American players Joe Hill and Steve Luptak begin with a seated, blind half-court shot, a half-hearted "Wooo!" and then it's off to the races. And yes, Kanye West's "All Of The Lights" is prominently involved.

You have to give the Eagles some credit. It's not easy to impress with trick shots anymore. At this point, it feels like we've seen everything. But we haven't seen a player shoot a 3-pointer while laying in a moving ball bin, we haven't seen a volleyball bump from half court swish through the rim as purely as a Ben Hansbrough 3, and we haven't seen a player pick up the courtside phone and hit a one-handed half court shot while pretending to talk to someone on the other line. Hill and Luptak do all that. And more.

Good work, fellas. A nation of tiny attention spans salutes you.

(HT: DC Sports Bog, Quickish)