Oregon's mid-court line still talk of Pac-10

The barely visible mid-court stripe at Matthew Knight Arena might become a little more easy to see beginning next season.

According to The Oregonian, school officials have had discussions with the NCAA and Pac-10 regarding making the line more visible where the line meets the sidelines.

Kirk Reynolds, vice president for public affairs for the Pac-10, said the league has been involved in the discussions.

"We have had some conversations with Oregon about possible adjustments to the mid-court line to help with officiating, but nothing has been mandated,'' Reynolds said. "If any adjustments are coming they won't be made until next season.''

If the line were to become more defined, that would likely please some other coaches in the conference. After his team played on Matt Court last week, Cal coach Mike Montgomery said the line wasn't even there.

"Well, the center court line has to change," he said. "I mean, there is no center-court line. You got to have something somebody can see -- players and officials."

The comment echoed those from USC coach Kevin O'Neill, whose team played in the first game at Matthew Knight Arena in January.

"They got to put a center line on the floor," O'Neill said afterward. "They need to paint something down there because that's going to be hard for officials to deal with and even players."