Air Force's Jeff Reynolds to return next year

Air Force has gone from preseason last-place pick to a team that's expressing interest in postseason tournaments while currently hanging on to a 15-13 record.

The Falcons have six wins in the Mountain West Conference this season after only one league win in the previous two seasons. According to The Gazette, the result is that coach Jeff Reynolds will return for a fifth season.

"He's my head coach," [athletic director Hans] Mueh said. "I have him under a three-year contract and I’m very happy with that."


Mueh said he still thinks Reynolds has Air Force’s program heading in the right direction.

"I do, that hasn’t changed," Mueh said. "I feel as good about him now as I did when I hired him. He's a tremendous basketball coach."

Here's how Mueh had described Reynolds to The Gazette last month:

"I'd love to see him get more comfortable in his position. He's a glass half empty kind of guy. It’s part of my job to inspire him and motivate him as well, to go down there and motivate him and say he’s doing a great job and to help him smile and enjoy this and have some fun doing this. I think he puts a little too much pressure on himself. He just needs to open up and let it go.

"Next year will be better than this year. He just needs to get comfortable with this job. I'd love to see him smile on the bench. I haven't seen him smile on the bench. He’s so passionate and intense."

The Falcons are much improved on the court under Reynolds. They lost to Division III Colorado College in November and then have since beaten Colorado State and also had to take a moral victory from leading San Diego State at halftime recently.

Air Force is currently sixth in the conference with guard Michael Lyons and forward Tom Fow leading the way, hoping to make some noise in the MWC tournament next week and build momentum going into next season under Reynolds.