Beware foreign substances on the court

Baby powder and pie aren't substances normally found on the basketball court, but they somehow found their way there and even impacted the action in recent games.

In Monday's CAA tournament championship game at the Richmond Coliseum won by Old Dominion, VCU guard Ed Nixon slipped on the floor while going in for a breakaway layup and fell. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, it was due to Old Dominion mascot Big Blue using baby powder as part of his act before the game.

The officials allowed play to continue, and the Monarchs hit a 3-pointer on the other end, leaving Rams coach Shaka Smart incensed at what he called a "five-point swing."

Old Dominion's mascot had tossed the powder into the air before the game in an imitation of LeBron James. The cleaning crew made a hasty attempt to remove the powder before the game, but used a mop that didn't help the situation.

After a five-minute delay, the powder was gone and the game resumed.

In a game last week between Utah State and host New Mexico State, pie was the culprit for a player falling on the court, according to The Herald Journal. New Mexico's Pajama Party theme that night involved fans being allowed onto the court for a halftime pillow fight, and according to the paper, someone brought pie.

It's a small miracle [Utah State guard Tyler] Newbold didn't have a serious injury after going down twice when he ran into some pie that hadn't been cleaned up.

"I don't know what it was," Newbold said. "It didn't look wet, but there was a play where I slipped twice on the same possession. It hurt my elbow. It was really slick."