A Twitter-based bracket? Yes please

Have you guys heard of Twitter? It's this messaging service where you -- oh, what's that? You have heard of Twitter? No kidding. Well, maybe this thing has a chance to catch on after all. Who knew?

Anyway, this so-called Twitter thing has apparently partnered up with ESPN, which is a sports broadcasting and information company you may or may not have heard of, to create a pretty cool idea: the Twitter tournament of tweets. If you send a tweet with your favorite team's hashtag attached, the computer robots count the tweet toward each team's total. The team that receives the most mentions "wins" and thus advances in the bracket. See? Kind of a cool idea.

Know what would make it even cooler? If everyone in the college hoops Twittersphere came together in a sign of solidarity with a No. 16 seed. Seriously. Arkansas-Little Rock may have lost to UNC-Asheville last night, but UALR is currently leading the Twitter battle by almost 3,000 mentions. I say it's time for Twitter to finally demonstrate its true power as a social and political organizing tool, which it has never, ever done before. I say it's high time someone used Twitter for something truly important: making UALR the 2011 NCAA tournament (of tweets) national champion.

Who's with me?