Ernie Kent on the hot seat?

Oregon is tied for last in the Pac-10 and has been playing uninspired basketball as it heads into tonight's game against UCLA. Here are some signs coach Ernie Kent better shape up the Ducks or get ready to ship out:

  • One fan throws his season tickets into the fireplace and says, "It's going to give me a stroke sitting in the stands watching this." Fan makes YouTube video documenting this.

  • Your athletic director says the team's improvement has not been "significant" and that your job status will be evaluated at the end of the season.

  • Oh, and your star player already said at the end of last year that you're on the hot seat.

Matthew Knight Arena opens next year, and as the homepage says, "deposits are being accepted." Seats in the new place will need to be filled, and Mac Court has a history of knowing how to bid farewell to outgoing coaches as well.

Just ask former UCLA coach Steve Lavin.

"If I'm not mistaken, that was my last regular-season road game and the students were chanting, 'Good Bye, Lavin,' so with a minute to go, I gave 'em a salute and they had fun with it," Lavin told the Los Angeles Daily News Wednesday, between rushing around to cover games for ESPN. "It was inevitable that I was getting fired, and they were relentless."