Tournament Challenge: Bracket-busting

Butler, and especially Arizona, busted plenty of brackets with their wins on Thursday. Out of 5.9 million entries, only 0.1 percent of brackets (7,638) picked both Butler and Arizona to reach the Elite Eight. (And just for kicks, 140 picked Butler and Arizona to reach the title game, with 82 picking Arizona to win it all.)

Overall, just 844 brackets got all four of Thursday's winners, with another 58,309 getting three of four correct. Meanwhile, 1.56 million got two of four, 2.99 million got one of four, and 1.31 million didn't get any winners Thursday night.

The current leader through the first half of the Sweet 16 games has 720 points, hitting all four games Thursday. That bracket also has Arizona winning it all.

West Region

  • Just 4 percent of brackets have Arizona reaching the Elite Eight, compared to 74.3 percent for Duke. In fact, the Blue Devils were the third-most popular pick to win it all (16 percent of all brackets; Duke was picked by 50.7 percent to reach the Final Four, third-best among the No. 1 seeds).

  • 1.9 percent of brackets (112,620) have Arizona and Connecticut meeting in the Elite Eight. But 70.8 percent of those picking that matchup have the Huskies in the Final Four.

  • 59.1 percent of brackets picked UConn to reach the Elite Eight, way more than the 33.4 percent that picked San Diego State to go that far, even though the Huskies were a 3-seed and the Aztecs a 2-seed.

  • Overall, 23.1 percent of brackets have UConn in the Final Four and 4.7 percent have the Huskies winning it all. Meanwhile, 1.4 percent pick Arizona to reach the Final Four and just 0.24 percent have the Wildcats as the champions.

Southeast Region

  • Only 1.9 percent of brackets had Butler in the Elite Eight. Of course, only 12.4 percent had Wisconsin going this far. Florida was picked for the Elite Eight by 41.3 percent.

  • Just 34,177 brackets (0.6 percent) had Butler and Florida meeting in the Elite Eight. Only 9,329 (27.2 percent of those brackets) have Butler beating Florida in that matchup.

  • 0.6 percent (36,732) of brackets have Butler in the Final Four and 4,325 brackets have the Bulldogs winning it all.

  • 15.9 percent of brackets have Florida in the Final Four and 1.3 percent have the Gators winning it all.

Obama's bracket

  • President Barack Obama lost another Final Four team when Duke fell to Arizona. He went 2-2 on Thursday and has five of his Elite Eight teams left (Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas, Connecticut, Florida) along with his national championship game participants (Ohio State, Kansas), but his other two Final Four teams (Duke, Pittsburgh) are gone.

  • Thanks to all the upsets, he's still in the 99.8th percentile of the game, with 570 points ranking him 9,543rd overall.

Notable Brackets:

Most popular title game picks still in play:

  • Ohio State vs. Kansas: 20.4 percent

  • Connecticut vs. Kansas: 4.5 percent

  • North Carolina vs. Kansas: 3.1 percent

  • Ohio State vs. Florida: 1.6 percent

  • Kentucky vs. Kansas: 1.3 percent

  • North Carolina vs. Florida: 0.5 percent

  • Connecticut vs. Florida: 0.3 percent

Picks for national champion still in play:

  • Ohio State: 25.9 percent

  • Kansas: 23.7 percent

  • Connecticut: 4.7 percent

  • North Carolina: 4.0 percent

  • Kentucky: 1.8 percent

  • Florida: 1.3 percent

  • Arizona: 0.2 percent

  • Butler: 0.1 percent

  • Florida State: 0.1 percent

  • Marquette: 0.04 percent

  • Richmond: 0.02 percent (1,358)

  • VCU: 0.02 percent (1,023)