Yes, Mike Bruesewitz has cornrows

Wisconsin forward Mike Bruesewitz's hairstyle became a matter of slight fascination this season. The curly red locks were always the most immediately noticeable thing on any Badgers basketball broadcast. (Second place was just ... how ... slow ... that ... offense ... was.) As Wisconsin advanced into the Sweet 16, and the media's lights focused ever brighter on Bruesewitz's trademark locks, a shocking revelation was made: Bruesewitz's mother permed his hair.

Perhaps the pressure of this revelation has forced Bruesewitz into a drastic change. Perhaps it's just time to move on. Whatever the reason, all true artistes must at various times make radical changes to the very nature of their work, and it appears that's exactly what Bruesewitz has done.

Yes, Mike Bruesewitz has cornrows. Via the official Twitter account of Badgers basketball, you can see a photo of them here. There's also this pic, in which Bruesewitz is flashing the 'rows with his awesome throwback Bill Walton jersey.

The jersey is awesome. The cornrows are ... regrettable. With all due respect, Bruesewitz looks like a 10-year-old girls soccer player. Or someone too young to be in Acapulco. Or Jamie Kennedy. Or maybe all three.

The point is, the perm needs to come back. Frankly, it never should have left in the first place.