Josh Harrellson sick at home and tweeting

Kentucky senior forward Josh Harrellson spent the better part of the year crediting his improbable rise to his preseason meltdown on Twitter in which he complained about not getting enough compliments from John Calipari. The coach subsequently banned Harrellson from tweeting, made him run extra laps to get in better shape and turned him into an impact player.

Six months later and fresh off a strong performance in the NCAA tournament, it was Calipari who welcomed Harrellson back to Twitter, encouraging fans to follow @BigJorts55.

Harrellson probably could use a little cheering up after a rough couple of days. After Kentucky lost in the national semifinal, he suffered flu-like symptoms that caused him to withdraw from this week's Portsmouth Invitational Tournament -- a showcase for seniors looking for pro careers.

"I'm extremely disappointed that I won't be able to participate in the Portsmouth Invitational," Harrellson said in a statement. "I was really looking forward to showcasing my abilities among the top seniors in the nation. My focus now is on getting well and concentrating on my school work before working out for teams."