Mike Bruesewitz's head shaven for charity

Wisconsin forward Mike Bruesewitz has become known for his carrot top and as of last week had his hair styled in cornrows, but that was the old Mike Bruesewitz.

This morning, he got his head shaved by teammate Jon Leuer on WKOW-TV so he could try to raise $3,100 after his jersey number to help support the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Bruesewitz was even nice enough to give an interview with his head half-shaven, telling the television viewers, "I was going to do it anyway, and I figured try and do something good with it, and I feel like this is the best possible to do something with it...instead of sitting in an apartment while Jon makes fun of me."

For the full effect, here are the before and after photos.

So there goes one of the college basketball's most famous hairstyles, a carrot top that inspired Wisconsin fans to wear wigs.

But Bruesewitz at least found a good reason for cutting it all off.