Josh Harrellson promoting his 'Jorts Tour'

One of the benefits for every player who exhausts his NCAA eligibility is that he is no longer subject to NCAA rules and can market his name and image however he likes.

For departing Kentucky senior Josh Harrellson, that means setting up the website jorts55.com to promote upcoming public appearances as part of what he's calling the "Jorts Tour" in honor of his nickname and in celebration of the Wildcats' Final Four appearance.

"I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me in my struggles in my good times and everything," Harrellson said in a promotional video on the site. "You've never let me down. You've always been there to be by my side. I just hopes everybody comes out and checks me out on my Jorts Tour I'm putting here in a couple weeks."

Harrellson is also selling autographed memorabilia and even a line of clothing with the Jorts logo on the site, though no jean shorts appear to be available for purchase.

Have doubts on just how popular the forward could be after going from bench warmer to leading his team to a deep NCAA tournament run? Then you don't know Kentucky fans.

According to The Advocate-Messenger, an estimated crowd of 700 lined up for two hours in the rain on Monday afternoon to get autographs and pose for pictures with Harrellson in Harrodsburg, Ky.

"On the court I have grown up. Off the court, I am never going to grow up," Harrellson laughed and said. "I will be 50 and doing the same things I always do. It's on the court I have grown up. Off the court, there is no chance ever. No chance."