Wiz Khalifa helps send off Purdue seniors

Rapper Wiz Khalifa performed at Purdue in a concert that doubled as a farewell to departing star seniors E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson on Thursday.

According to the Purdue Exponent, the players helped make the concert attended by about 3,000 students happen by working their connections.

Khalifa, who met Johnson and Moore three years ago at Indiana University's Little 500 race, watched them during the NCAA tournament.

"He definitely knows who they are," said DaJaun Watkins, concert manager. "He was rooting for the guys all the way."

Johnson told Watkins that after four years of hard work, he and Moore wanted to have fun but still be connected to Purdue after graduation.

"They wanted to go out senior year with a bang, so Wiz it was," Watkins said.

Khalifa, known for his ubiquitous hit "Black and Yellow," also apparently inspired Moore and Johnson this season. According to The Exponent, their motto has been "Boiler Gang Over Everythang," a nod to Khalifa's Taylor Gang fan club.

Senior basketball forward Robbie Hummel knew about senior forward/center JaJuan Johnson and senior guard E'Twaun Moore's motto, "Boiler Gang Over Everythang," long before it became the show's official slogan.

"They always wrote (the slogan) in the locker room before games and stuff," Hummel said. "I was like, 'I don't know who that is.'"

Seeing the slogan they coined plastered on concert T-shirts and tickets left Moore and Johnson in all smiles.

The only problem with all this? Khalifa also inspired a theme song remix for VCU, the team with similar colors that ended the careers of those Purdue seniors in the NCAA tournament.