Former Villanova player launches rap career

You know those NCAA commercials, the ones that air during the NCAA tournament, just in time to remind you that most NCAA student-athletes "go pro in something other than sports?" Apparently, one of those athletes is former Villanova forward Will Sheridan.

Yes, Sheridan, who played in 133 games for 'Nova from 2003-2007, has gone pro in something other than basketball. In his case, that "something" is not nearly as boring as the usual examples like, say, accounting. (Though now that tax day is behind us, your accountant friends are about to get a lot less lame.)

No, Sheridan decided to go into music. The result, at least thus far, is this slickly produced song and accompanying music video titled "Welcome To The Jungle," released by Royal Advisor Records. No, it's not a remake of the Guns 'N Roses classic. In fact, it shares little but the name. But it is professionally produced, or at least appears to be, and it features some interesting genre mashup stuff from Sheridan -- a mix of hip-hop, tribal rhythm, Euro-synth, and M.I.A.-inspired lyrical styles.

Even if none of that means anything to you, it's still worth checking out. Plenty of athletes want to be musicians. Some of them even release YouTube videos to that effect. Few ever come this close to excellence.

(Hat tips: The Nova Blog, Matt Norlander)