Will Dion Waiters be back at Syracuse?

This was one of the more frequently asked questions in yesterday's chat. I didn't answer it, and for one simple reason: "Maybe" isn't much of an answer at all.

Unfortunately, "maybe" is the best possible conclusion to draw from the recent comments of Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim on the future of uber-talented but occasionally disappointing freshman Dion Waiters, who reportedly may seek a transfer this offseason. Syracuse fans suffered a minor freakout this weekend, when it was reported that Boeheim said Waiters's future was "up in the air" and that "sometimes change is good for everyone."

But not so fast! This week Boeheim told the Syracuse Post-Standard that while he did say those phrases, they were used in a general sense, not to specifically describe Waiters. So, great! That would mean Waiters is coming back to Syracuse next season, so, hey, problem solved, right?

"Anything is possible," said Boeheim. "But as of right now there’s been no decisions made. Dion is finishing out the year academically and then he’ll decide what’s best for him when the year is over."

See? Even after all that, the answer is still, well, "maybe."

Needless to say, this did not sate the Syracuse fans at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician (that phrase is always fun to type in a blog post), who said Boeheim's "idea of putting out a forest fire is by pouring gasoline on the trees." In reality, though, Boeheim seems to be operating with about as much information as the next guy. He'll know when he knows, and Syracuse fans will find out soon thereafter. Maybe.

Update: It turns out Waiters was willing to be more definitive than his head coach. Late last night, Waiters wrote the following on his Twitter account: "Ohk for everybody wanting to kno the answer YES I'm coming back to syracuse next year." So there you have it. Pending some sort of strange twist, it appears that this "maybe" is now a "yes." Case closed. (Big thanks to Twitter follower John P. Hussey for quickly pointing this out.)