John Calipari lays out the Calipari Doctrine

John Calipari has said over and over and over again that he runs a "players-first program" at Kentucky, but what exactly does that really mean?

In light of Wednesday's news that Terrence Jones, Brandon Knight and DeAndre Liggins were declaring for the NBA draft, Calipari today released a statement on his website to Wildcats fans outlining what exactly a players-first program is in his mind.

He talked about not making "outlandish" promises during the recruiting process, focusing on team play over individual play during the season, and helping players make good decisions after the season.

"I'm not trying to convince them to come back if that's not in their best interest," Calipari said in the statement. "Likewise, I’m never trying to shove anybody out the door."

Calipari included in his statement graphics and one with the caption, "The numbers don't lie." It lists his achievements, including three Final Four appearances.

"The Truth is that these top players in the country want to play for a certain kind of coach in a certain kind of program," Calipari said. "They are not playing for just any coach. They want to play with someone who has proven results.

"We've done pretty well in March. Winning a championship won't change me one bit; but it would change me if it came after I told a young man to return to school for my own selfish reasons."