Utah suspends Henderson for one game

Utah freshman Marshall Henderson, the team's second-leading scorer, was suspended for Wednesday's game against Colorado State, Utes coach Jim Boylen announced Monday.

The suspension comes in advance of any disciplinary action the Mountain West Conference might take after Henderson struck BYU's Jackson Emery in the face and was ejected during Saturday's rivalry game loss in Provo.

"Obviously, he made a mistake," Boylen said. "We don't condone that behavior. He will learn from it. We’ll support him on it. We felt it was a just punishment for him.

"We’re going to keep our integrity high. We’re going to do things the right way.

"Let’s not make this out to be more than it is. ... There was some contact. He didn’t throw a punch. He didn’t run across the floor and hit someone."

Boylen even tried to ease tensions immediately after the game by joking with Emery after the game, according to the Daily Herald:

“You know, I told [Jonathan] Tavernari I would kick his butt after the game, and he laughed. I told Jackson that I would punch him, and he would forget all about (Henderson) punching him. Just trying to calm it down. We got a great rivalry. We got great fans. You know, things happen, but we’re okay."