Alabama staffer catches tornado on tape

Alabama coach Anthony Grant told ESPN.com's Dave Telep that his players were safe after a deadly tornado hit Tuscaloosa. The school reported no structural damage, but the town was hit hard as evidenced by this video shot by an Alabama staff member from inside Coleman Coliseum.

Christopher England, an assistant director at Crimson Tide Productions, breathed heavily as he captured footage of the mile-wide tornado from behind the windows on the third level of the basketball arena.

England told ABC News he stayed there for about a minute to do the filming of the tornado barreling through an area near a hospital and a parking lot. DCH Regional Medical Center reported that it sustained superficial damage and that more than 600 people have been treated for storm-related injuries there.

"We didn't know where it was going," said England, who at the time of the interview had not yet checked on his own house. "We didn't know if it was coming toward us, away from us, or what.

"I could feel the pressure. I just felt like the windows were kind of doing some things they shouldn't do, and I just realized it was time to get out of there, and that's what I did."