Big East admits errors in WVU-Louisville game

The Big East admitted Monday that officials made procedural and communication errors at the end of Saturday's West Virginia at Louisville game.

An out-of-bounds call was never made as official Mike Kitts ducked his head away from the ball. The ball was awarded to West Virginia and the Mountaineers ultimately won the game. This came after the officials blatantly missed a call when the ball bounced off Joe Mazzulla’s head on the previous possession. The ball was awarded to West Virginia and the Mountaineers scored on the inbounds with a game-winning Da'Sean Butler shot from the side with 17 seconds left.

The official rule states that if no call is made then the officials have to award the ball to whoever has the alternating possession arrow, which was Louisville. But the ball went to West Virginia. Louisville’s Reginald Delk had missed a 3-pointer with seven seconds left prior to the disputed out of bounds play.

Officials still went to the monitor after the no-call was made. The official word from the Big East office is they went to the monitor to see why the shot clock was still on after Butler’s basket with 17 seconds left. The shot clock should not have been on but was never shut off.

Still, it was suspicious that the officials went to the monitor to review the shot clock and then after that gave possession to West Virginia. The unofficial word is that the officials knew the ball went off Louisville (which was later proved correct upon close replay) but never enunciated that point to West Virginia or Louisville, hence the “lack of communication” issue from the Big East.

Following the game, Louisville coach Rick Pitino said he was “tired of the officiating.’’ Big East officials said that there would be no action taken with the general comment. Not sure what would have happened had Pitino singled out a specific official.