Swiperboy releases tribute to the troops

You may remember the name "Swiperboy" -- also known as Tennessee forward Renaldo Woolridge -- from such appearances as his Rocky Top remix, the celebratory post-Kansas-win video that put him on the map last fall, or the near-violation caused by his music video's filming at a local Knoxville establishment back in January.

Swiperboy's latest comes in the wake of last night's jarring, world-changing news from Pakistan. As you probably viewed above, it is indeed a tribute to the troops that made possible the capture of the world's most infamous terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan Sunday. How Woolridge was able to write, devise and record this song in such a quick timeframe is almost as remarkable as the sheer quality of said recording. Frankly, this is a pretty solid tune. But most importantly, in the buzzing post-bin Laden news haze, it serves as a reminder to honor and thank U.S. servicemen and women for the sacrifices they make to keep this country we love safe.

From the hardcore black-ops crew that took down bin Laden to the average U.S. Army private: Thanks. We owe you more than can ever be repaid.