Provo overpass: 'Osama Got Jimmered!'

There are many keys to becoming a college basketball cult icon, but perhaps the most important is a first name that can be easily converted into an action verb. Now that I think of it, I guess you can do this with every name. But let's be real: "You got Eamonn'd!" doesn't sound nearly as cool as "You got Jimmered!" I guess that's why Jimmer Fredette is so popular.

(OK, OK. Being awesome at basketball helps, too.)

In any case, Fredette is now in the throes of his preparation for the NBA, but that doesn't mean his legacy -- or his catchphrase -- is going anywhere anytime soon. No, you can bet BYU fans are always going to find appropriate times to drop the classic "Jimmered" reference.

Given this week's momentous news, you probably know exactly where this is going. Yes, as thousands of Americans celebrated the demise of Osama bin Laden, one enterprising BYU fan took to an overpass in Provo to let the world know exactly what happened to its most infamous terrorist. The predictable result was spelled out in red, white and blue plastic cups: "Osama Got Jimmered!"

Naturally, this is not the first time Jimmer has been celebrated for unrealistic Chuck Norris-esque feats of strength. Who could forget the epic Facebook thread BYU fans created in response to a student's concerns over the school's deification of its basketball hero? But "Osama Got Jimmered" is another entry in the canon. It may not stand the test of time like that Facebook thread, but it counts as another solid effort from the denizens of Provo all the same.

(Hat tip to reader Dave for the heads up.)