Tom Izzo serves up lunch during finals week

Finals week is rough. There are the sleepless nights, the coffee binging and whatever else gets you ready to go out and earn that degree. In other words, ugh.

But for Michigan State students, something might have brightened your day on Monday -- the sight of Tom Izzo serving you pizza.

Izzo was among the school's head coaches to help ease students into finals week by serving lunch at the dining hall. He was just your average cafeteria worker in a baseball cap using a spatula to fill your plate with pizza.

"This is another great opportunity for Spartan athletics to reach out to the campus community and provide a service to the students that support us throughout the year," athletic director Mark Hollis said in a statement.

Izzo after this season can probably relate to the finals stress of the average student. Following an opening-round exit in the NCAA tournament, he spoke of the team underachieving and being emotionally spent from it.

So, yeah, serving pizza to the fans who came out support the team is important. They'll probably be back for more next year.