Matt Howard branches out in social media

Matt Howard, the floppy-haired, salt of the earth star who was one of Butler's symbols during their two runs to the Final Four and played in old sneakers rather than the new Kobes, is now on Twitter and recently promised Facebook updates in promoting a television show.

Howard joined Twitter on Wednesday after signing with an agent and @MHoward54 tweeted about being ready to start training for a pro career.

In the meantime, he's also endorsing CNBC's "American Greed." There was even a viewing party for the show at Butler that asked fans to come watch with Howard.

Really though, Howard will be remembered for his toughness and clutch play. This week, he was named the winner of the Eddie Sutton Tustenugee Award that honors the warrior mentality. Arizona's Derrick Williams, Cal's Jorge Gutierrez, Duke's Kyle Singler and Wisconsin's Jordan Taylor were the other finalists.

"With this award, we are honoring a great player, a warrior, Matt Howard, who places team above self, while also paying homage to a coach, Eddie Sutton, who legacy is steeped in discipline and dedication," Tulsa Sports Charities director Tommy Thompson said in a statement.

Howard, don't ever change.