John Calipari invites John Wall back to UK

Imagine a scenario next season in which the NBA lockout sidelines the players, and former John Calipari players such as John Wall and Derrick Rose head to Kentucky to get in their workouts. They'd be doing the John Wall dance in the streets of Lexington again, right?

That's what Calipari has in mind. He told the Washington Post that he told Wall -- the top draft pick in the 2010 NBA draft, who played one season with Kentucky -- that he would be welcomed back to campus to work out, go to summer school, and maybe even practice with the team or serve as a student assistant.

Calipari added that if Wall were to re-enroll at Kentucky -- which one of Wall's representatives, Dwon Clifton, said on Thursday was unlikely but "still a possibility" -- he could practice with the Wildcats as well to stay in basketball shape.

"He can be on the court with us. He can be a student assistant going back to school, you can put him on the court. I'm going to invite all of our guys, John, [Bulls guard and District native Keith] Bogans," he said after watching Rose score 25 points and dish out 10 assists to lead the Bulls to an 86-73 win over the Atlanta Hawks in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinal. "I even said to Derrick, you didn’t go there, but if you want, you can come down. But hopefully, there isn’t a long stoppage, but if there is, I want to make sure our guys know they can come back with us."

Unlikely? Maybe, but just the thought of having Wall and maybe even the NBA MVP Rose on campus working out at Kentucky would add to the glitz and glamor of the program that Calipari has created.

It's all another example of how Calipari is always thinking ahead. Earlier in the week, he was able to arrange the Kentucky Combine to showcase his players to NBA scouts and help them make better decisions since the NCAA's deadline for early entrants to make their decisions is May 8.

So whether or not Wall helping out Kentucky happens, score another one for Calipari.