Terrence Jones '50-50' on NBA draft

By now, it's generally assumed that Kentucky guard Brandon Knight will keep his name in the 2011 NBA draft. Kentucky coach John Calipari essentially confirmed as much to our own Andy Katz after Knight interviewed with NBA executives at the first-ever Kentucky combine this week.

That doesn't mean Kentucky fans are done agonizing about the draft, though. Knight's teammate and potential fellow lottery pick, Terrence Jones, has given far fewer clues on the status of his draft decision, and scouts, general managers and Big Blue Nation have all heard whispers that Jones is closer to remaining in school than was previously assumed.

Leave it to Jones, then, to help clear the air. Sort of, anyway.

Late Thursday night, with two days remaining until the May 8 deadline, the forward tweeted that he was still torn between staying in the draft and returning to school. To wit:

For all BBN I'm still 50/50 at this point but I'll be letting you guys know my decision real soon much love to all y'all y'all the best!!

To the uninitiated, BBN stands for "Big Blue Nation," which is something you probably already know, but hey, just in case.

Anyway, Jones's indecision must be encouraging to the aforementioned BBN, if only because the slight chance Jones could return must leave Kentucky fans salivating at the prospect of a star-studded starting lineup. With Jones in the fold alongside Calipari's No. 1-ranked recruiting class, Kentucky is arguably the most talented team in the country heading in to the 2011-12 season.

Anxiety, salivation, fantasizing: Expect UK fans to experience a triple dose of the entry deadline symptoms before Sunday mercifully arrives.