Where should the Big Ten play its tourney?

The Big Ten has a decision to make. According to our Big Ten football blogger Adam Rittenberg, the conference is deciding on a spot for its newfangled football conference title game -- the product of realignment to 12 teams last summer -- and the choice is down to two: Soldier Field in Chicago or Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The choice basically comes down to weather: Do Big Ten fans prefer the hardboiled, traditional winter chill? Or would they prefer to watch the conference title at cozy room temperature. (As a veteran of a few unthinkably cold Chicago Bears games, I know which one I would choose -- room temperature, thanks -- but your mileage may vary.)

The location of the men's basketball tournament is somewhat unrelated. After all, it doesn't much matter where the tournament is. Basketball, as you may be aware, is played indoors. But it is an interesting question. Should the Big Ten pick a standard annual spot for its season-ending tournament? In 1998, the conference tournament was held solely at the United Center in Chicago. Beginning in the 2002, it alternated between Chicago and Indianapolis. In 2008, the conference began a five-year stay at Indianapolis's Conseco Fieldhouse.

Is one preferable to the other? Does it matter? Which venue do Big Ten fans prefer?

To be perfectly honest, even as a Chicago resident, I don't have a strong opinion. Chicago seems a bit more central to everyone's needs -- especially now that Nebraska fans are in the mix -- but Conseco Fieldhouse's location within Indianapolis makes it a slightly more attractive option for hotels, foot traffic and so on. This is why Indy is typically such a solid destination for the Final Four. (Yes, we're looking at you, Houston.)

What say you, Big Ten fans? United Center or Conseco Fieldhouse? Chicago or Indy? Or will you show up -- or stay home and watch on TV -- no matter what?