UConn down to 10 scholarships next season

Defending national champion Connecticut had been expected to face penalties for its Academic Progress Rate score, and now we know that the Huskies will indeed lose two scholarships next season. Here's the report showing that UConn's multiyear average of 893 falls below NCAA standards because the team's score for 2009-10 was only 826.

How that got revealed to the public a little earlier than expected was the actual surprise. According to the New Haven Register, an Internet glitch caused the release of the report even though it wasn't supposed to come out publicly until Tuesday.

But either way, the penalty hurts the Huskies because they are down to 10 scholarships next season. The substandard APR score causes UConn to lose two scholarships, and the NCAA also previously docked them another scholarship due to recruiting violations.

So while the Huskies have been celebrating with President Obama and the governor of late, there has been the other side to their success. The scholarships are lost, and so might be Jim Calhoun's national championship bonus money.

The coach hasn't yet decided if he will retire after the season, but he has taken time to defend the program's record on academics, according to the Associated Press:

"Eight straight years, we made the APR," Calhoun said after being lauded by the governor and lawmakers during "Husky Day" at the state Capitol. "If because someone left early or didn't finish, all those various things that get you ... when you have 16 kids leave [for the pros] in a 10-year period, you are more likely to be more open to [a low APR] happening."