Final Four ticket window closing

If you're reading a college hoops blog 50 days into the offseason (or participating in a two-hour chat, for that matter) then this is something you ought to know: According to this afternoon's release from the NCAA, those wishing to purchase tickets to the Final Four in New Orleans next April must do so in the next six days.

Yep, the clock is running out, and in more ways than one. Not only is May 31 the deadline for Final Four ticket applications, but the NCAA only accepts a total of 20,000 applications, a number that has "nearly been reached." Once 20,000 applications are in, the window closes.

There is one last way to try to secure a Final Four ticket. It's through something called the "NCAA Experience," which I'm assuming is different from the Enforcement Experience. After that, you'll be stuck looking on the secondary market for tickets that could cost you more than your airfare and hotel combined. So, you know, get your application in. Might as well, right?