Former Zag picks Baylor for football

This month, Gonzaga announced that guard Demetri Goodson had made a rather radical decision: After three years of hoops, Goodson would leave Spokane, likely return to Texas, and pursue a football career left dormant since his sophomore year of high school. Gonzaga coach Mark Few wished Goodson the best of luck in his decision without a hint of bitterness at that decision's contents, and blog brother Diamond wrote that the transition from college hoops to the NFL draft, though rare, was indeed doable.

The only thing left to decide was where, exactly, Goodson would end up playing.

That matter is now settled. According to Goodson himself -- who spoke with Houston's KRIV-TV today -- the former Bulldog will take his footballing talents to Baylor. Thanks to the vagaries of cross-sport transfer rules, Goodson will have two years of eligibility at Baylor, where he plans to play cornerback.

"I'm excited. A bit nervous because I haven't played (football) in a while," Goodson said, according to the report. "Once I go and start hitting the weights and learning their system, I'll be all right."

Goodson has a history of football success in his family; his brother, Mike Goodson, was a three-year starter at tailback for Texas A&M and now plays for the NFL's Carolina Panthers. Still, Goodson has a major transition ahead of him. It's been five years since he played organized football of any kind, instead choosing the path of the collegiate hoopster. Now Goodson expects to play Big 12 football. The weight room is just one tiny step in this risky but inarguably exciting athletic audible.

Oh, and Demetri? Audible is a football term that describes a quarterback's decision to change a play at the line of scrimmage to one he deems more conducive to his team's success. That one's a freebie. Sorry, but you're on your own from here. Good luck, buddy.