NCAA reorganizes tourney ticket process

Because the College Basketball Nation blog is nothing if not service-y, last week we informed you of the NCAA's rapidly-closing window for 2012 Final Four ticket applications. That deadline passed Tuesday night; hopefully you got your application in, huh? (No? Come on! The blog can only do so much, guys!)

Anyway, even if you missed your first run at the Final Four, you still have a chance to see the 2012 NCAA tournament live and in living color. On Tuesday, the NCAA announced that tickets for the preliminary rounds of the 2012 tournament would go on sale in October.

In the words of "South Park," this is not the tradition at all: In recent years, the NCAA has forced fans to buy tickets a year in advance with little indication of which seats those tickets actually purchased. This year, as part of an "enhanced ticketing system," the NCAA is allowing fans to buy the best seats possible.

They're also coordinating the ticket sale with Midnight Madness, mid-October's annual first practice ritual. According to Greg Shaheen, NCAA interim executive vice president for championships and alliances -- among many other titles -- this move "will only add to the excitement as practice gets underway across the country."

We'll see if ticket madness sweeps the nation, but in any case, now you know. Tickets for the 2012 tournament go on sale in October, and this time, you get to fight over the best possible seats the good old-fashioned American way: By rapidly refreshing ticket lottery windows on your laptop. To the fastest index fingers go the spoils!