Vandy coach pulling for two baseball teams

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings will have the pleasure of watching his son play in the College World Series, as Jacob Stallings is the starting catcher for North Carolina. Jacob has had a fine season, batting .287 with four home runs and 41 RBI, as the Tar Heels are off to Omaha.

The only problem? North Carolina's first opponent on Saturday just happens to be Vanderbilt. That leaves Kevin seemingly in a bit of an awkward position, according to The Tennessean, but it appears he'll be having a lot of fun with it.

"There is no dilemma," he said. "It's a little awkward. But my two favorite baseball teams have made it to Omaha. It's the best kind of dilemma … if you want to call it a dilemma.

"It's a case of two things that I was really hoping would happen, happening."


"Hopefully, one of those teams will get out of that bracket, and obviously that's who I will be for," Kevin said."The difference I have from most people is I have two teams to root for -- my two favorite teams. But I hope people understand my favorite team is the one my son plays for."

Not wholeheartedly supporting your own school's sports teams is usually really bad form for a college coach, but in this case Stallings can probably get a pass since it's not every day your flesh and blood gets to live out a dream.

Let's just hope Stallings doesn't show up to the game with some split UNC/Vandy baseball cap or a Commodores jersey in Carolina blue. See, then things could really get ugly.